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ALP Sourcing is based in Las Vegas NV USA. Now you can outsource your call center operations, customer service, product technical support, order and reservation assistance, and many other around-the-clock activities to ALP Sourcing. We have centers in three countries to serve you.

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The Philippines

If you need dedicated, professional, English-speaking agents, then our Philippines call center is the best for you. Located north of Manila, our agents are professional and devoted to your company. There, you can hire hundreds of highly qualified, professional, English-speaking, college-educated agents, whose low employee turnover rate makes ALP Sourcing an ideal company for all of your outsourced needs. Many large US corporations such as financial institutions, hotels, and organizations in many other industries are widely outsourcing their customer call centers to the Philippines, because many of them have realized that they can do so much more by having call centers in Philippines. If they can do it successfully, then your business can as well. We have unlimited resources in the Philippines, and they can be yours without spending more than you can afford.

Las Vegas Nevada, USA

If you expect nothing but the best for your customers, then rely on our native US English-speaking agents available at our primary center in Las Vegas. Our agents have no accents — just pure American English — which is what your valuable customers expect to hear on the other end of the phone. When valuable, hard-earned customers call your company, the front-line representative who answers are the face and voice of your company. Because first impressions matter, you do not want to spoil the opportunity by having calls answered by unprofessional agents or representatives with unintelligible English. Moreover, you will not get a second chance with them. Many large corporations have established centers in Las Vegas, for they understand that good people are available for hire there. You can do the same with ALP Sourcing. Our agents are your people.

Korean Speaking Call Center in Seoul Korea

Seoul, South Korea

At our Korean-speaking call center located in Seoul, South Korea, we only hire agents who are native speakers of official Korean dialects without northern or southern Korean accents, as you would expect from national television reporters. Agents do not have English–Korean accents, either, but speak modern, official dialects of Korean. Korean people are generally very selective, and many will not talk to customer service agents who are unprofessional or who speak non-official Korean dialect or have non-standard accents. For that reason, we have located our call center in Seoul, the center of South Korea’s government, culture, and education and home to 40 million South Koreans. If you deal with high-end Korean clients, then you do not want to make compromises by using unprofessional agents or representatives with informal Korean accents.

Our Quality

About Us ALP Sourcing

ALP Sourcing is unique in being owned and operated by a former United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA), Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) field supervisor investigator. As international experts in quality, our quality is unmatched compared to many call centers around the globe. We welcome organizations in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries to our customer service centers. If your customer service center needs to be compliant with CGMPs, then we can also facilitate global regulatory agencies. Contact us!